Partner us in our journey

We started this platform with a strong desire to influence the efforts towards sustainability – with a focus on water conservation.

We realize that like any other project, this will need a team – a motivated team – that can own and run with specific work-streams.

With that in mind, we are now looking for like-minded individuals to partner us in the journey ahead. Listed below are some of the ways you can partner with ProjectBluePlanet today

  • Core team members – help us define the charter, identify opportunities, design campaigns and keep moving ahead with our mission
  • Social Media Lead– are you a digital native who feels very comfortable in the world of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? Join us and show us how we can tap into these digital platforms effectively
  • Research Lead and Scholars – We aspire to make ProjectBluePlanet the go-to place for all water related research. Also to become a platform where this knowledge is actively referenced, discussed and debated
  • Corporate Platform Lead – Most of the organizations have a clear intent and commitment to serve their local communities including helping in ecological sustainability. At ProjectBluePlanet, we have multiple ideas to tap into the corporate sector e.g. Corporate Sustainability Champions and Corporate Sustainability Kickstarter Kits.
  • City and state leads – If you enjoy the raw energy of starting something new, creating change on the ground, do join us as our city, state leads. Coordinate our efforts and campaigns.
  • Critics, auditors and guides – Keep us honest. Tell us what are we doing right and what can we do better. Ensure that we stay on the course. Cheer us from the sidelines.